Teacher meeting in Vilnius

Magic of the Frame - Teach with documentary film! teachers’ meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, October 21-22, 2023

The teacher's meeting of Magic of the Frame - Teach with documentary film! In Lithuania, it was as useful as interesting and inspiring for the participants.

During this 2 days’ meeting teachers from the 4 project countries had the great chance to be involved in the magic of the local documentary festival - https://nepatoguskinas.lt/2023/en/.

The Inconvenient Films festival is an annual human rights documentary film festival that one of the project partners - PO Inconvenient Film- organised for the 17th time. The teachers involved in the project and some project members had access to a unique documentary film selection from all over the world. (1)

The program of the LTT meeting offered a lot of different activities among which reconnecting activities, discussions, exchange of experience, feedback and reflections. Teachers presented their work and demonstrated lessons. They had a lot of questions and reactions to each other’s shared experiences.

On the first meeting day, the project team watched the documentary Grasshoper republic (2) while on the second day, all participants got involved in the real adventure of the virtual reality movie - Missing 10 Hours (3). After the movie, the participants reflected on the film - what feelings did they experience during the film?

The Teacher’s meeting aims to pilot how to handle the reactions of the students and how to get feedback from them after watching a social issue-driven documentary.

The main questions were to be discussed among them.  How do they feel after watching the film? What was the most shocking? Is the topic of the film relevant nowadays? If yes, how, where, when? How can we educate young people to be more aware of the topic? What they, as teachers, could do? How can they use this experience in their class? Later an educator shared her experience as a human rights educator working with documentaries as tools.

Teachers discussed the Visual diary which will tell us the progress of how teachers and all project partners took part in our common journey.

Magic of the Frame - Teach with documentary film! is financed by Erasmus+ Programme under contract N: 2021-1-HU01-KA220-SCH-000029686