Teacher meeting in Rotterdam

Magic of the Frame - Teach with documentary film! teachers’ meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 14-15, 2023

The teacher's meeting of Magic of the Frame - Teach with documentary film! in the Netherlands was focused on many practical activities which encouraged the exchange of teachers’ experience related to the project. A theatre workshop based on the HUGO Magic program (lesson 6) was hosted by Dutch teachers. The LTT program continued with discussion. Very interesting points of view and different perspectives have been shared: '' … The documentary of the Circle created beautiful conversations and moments of recognition and experiences among the students. Brotherhood, relationships, poverty, racism, and role models were all discussed. It was a beautiful thing for me to see how students with completely different backgrounds started talking to each other about the lack of good role models or the importance of recognition of a father figure in the family. Unfortunately, when I was growing up, these conversations were still taboo. I am happy that this is a project that creates a safe space for the younger generation to discuss their issues.'' (one of the Dutch teachers).

This emotional workshop was followed by creating a space where the project teachers can learn how to turn their efforts into an imaginative teaching method.

In the afternoon the participants went to 100% contemporary tour + workshop to face Rotterdam’s vibrant urban culture as a basis for activities, informing engagement with social topics and developments.

On the second day, the involvement in imaginative teaching methods continued. Ed Santman presented the short film educating musical theory to a child, scholar, student, professional and genius.

The project LTT meeting finished with a discussion regarding the next steps and teachers networking.

Magic of the Frame - Teach with documentary film! is financed by Erasmus+ Programme under contract N: 2021-1-HU01-KA220-SCH-000029686